Wedding Details To Hammer Out Early: Food and Entertainment

If there are any particular wedding details that you should hammer out early when it comes close to your event, there are the obvious ones such as making sure you have both the women’s and mens wedding rings sorted, along with the invites sent out early. However, you might want to also consider that food and entertainment should be at the top of the list as well. If you think about how you remember other people’s weddings, it often has to deal with those two broad categories.

With that in mind, some of the details that you should recognize as focal points early on in your planning should be getting wedding recipes together, figuring out how to showcase traditions, adding culture to your culinary menu, and finding associative entertainment facts that exist as a bridge between all of the other elements of the event.

Wedding Recipes

Finding some good wedding recipes should be fun, and it also gives you and the other wedding planners a chance to bond over some consequential decision-making. If there’s any kind of theme as far as the food goes, all of your wedding recipes should surround that central concept as a way to maintain everyone’s interest and enjoyment. If you talk to other people who have recently helped plan the food aspect of their wedding, you should be able to get some helpful hints from them as well.

Showcasing Traditions

Showcasing traditions is a big part of having fun at a wedding. Whether it’s allowing the bride to show off her jewelry, or doing certain dances at certain times, or inviting certain people to certain meals ahead of time – it’s the traditions that create that sense of connection over time and space. It can be argued that the planning aspects and the historical traditions are more important than the actual day of the wedding itself. You’ll get different opinions about that obviously, but it’s still a perspective that you should consider.

Adding Culture To the Menu

Beyond your basic wedding recipes, why not add cultural elements to the mix as far as food goes as well? A good example of how to do something like this would be to create a taco bar at your wedding. If anyone involved in wedding planning has any sort of Spanish, Mexican, or Latin influence, the taco bar goes a long way into adding elements of both culture and culinary intrigue.

Finding Associative Entertainment Acts

A final central element to a wedding ceremony and celebration is going to be the kind of entertainment that you have. Ideally, the theme of the food and the theme of the culture will also mix with the theme of the entertainment. As an example, if you choose to have a wedding DJ entertainment at the reception, they should have a basic understanding of the culture that the couple is a part of, and they should also know how food has been served earlier on. The energy and the vibe of the party at the end are going to come from however the entertainment is structured at the end of the evening.


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