Top five recommendations of casino-based restaurants

Think of a trip to a casino and your mind will immediately conjure up visions of roulette, blackjack and slot machines.

Many of the latest casino innovations have involved online gaming. There has been a huge shift in recent years away from bricks and mortar towards digital, and it’s now easier than ever to play games such as slots and judi online. Online gaming is obviously more accessible and has its own benefits, but one thing is missing from the online gaming experience.

Every casino worth its salt will offer top-class food, and many establishments around the world have stunning restaurants worth visiting. High-class food is one of the main advantages a real-life casino still has over a virtual casino, and it is often worth visiting a casino’s restaurant as an experience in itself, especially if you aren’t into the gambling side of things.

Read on for our top five recommendations of casino-based restaurants.

Le Tren Bleu – Place du Casino, Monaco

Just outside the front door of Monte Carlo’s famous 19th-century gaming palace, Le Tren Bleu’s stunning decor matches the timeless elegance found inside the casino.

Despite the restaurant’s French name the food is largely Italian, with elegantly prepared versions of classics such as veal saltimbocca.

Check out the review of 10bet casino before travelling to boost your budget and buy the delicious eggplant risotto with buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes.

Restaurant Guy Savoy – Caesars Palace, Las Vegas

Fine dining reaches its peak at Guy Savoy, featuring delicate, acclaimed French masterpieces created by the famous Michelin-star chef.

Designed to emulate the menu of his Paris restaurant, the Restaurant Guy Savoy Caesars Palace version includes many classic Savoy dishes such as soupe d’artichaut a la truffe noire and brioche feuillellee aux champignons et truffles.

For dessert there is the fondant au chocolat or terrine de pamplemousse. This traditional French cuisine can only be described as a velvety and heavenly experience.

Waku Ghin – Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

This restaurant is located in the world’s most expensive building – valued at $4.7 billion – so such a high-stakes investment calls for a world-class chef.

Tetsuya Wakuda is the star of the show and, with only 25 seats, this Euro-Japanese restaurant is a truly an exclusive experience.

Wakuda presides over each of the four seating areas and serves stunning dishes sich as filet of Tasmanian grass-fed beef with wasabi mustard.

Rockpool Bar & Grill – Crown Casino, Melbourne

Set in the largest casino in the southern hemisphere, this elegant venue features a sprawling open kitchen, adding more drama to the proceedings.

In-house dry-aged beef is the main attraction, but don’t overlook seafood offerings such as king prawns with goat cheese tortellini served with burnt butter, raisins and pine nuts.

Don’t leave without sampling some of the excellent desserts on offer.

Restaurant La Terraza – Casino de Madrid, Madrid

Situated on top of the lavish Casino de Madrid building, this temple of haute cuisine is the proud bearer of two Michelin stars and presided over by celebrity chef Paco Roncero.

If you’re a high roller, you may be lucky enough to score an invitation to Roncero’s eight-seat secret workshop, a culinary laboratory encompassing temperature, colour, aroma, acoustics and every aspect of ambiance in the meal.

It’s all about culinary experimentation, with a menu that changes as each new idea emerges from the lab and moves into the kitchen.


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