Top 3 Tips for Storing Wine Like a Professional

Wine is known for many things. It is the drink of the gods. It was used to celebrate in Biblical times, in moderation, helps with heart health and inflammation, and can soothe a tormented soul. . . temporarily anyway.

Wine has quite the history and with the history the skill at which people make, store, and age it has grown considerably. These days, wine is so accessible and people even have collections of it in their homes. You can actually even order wine online by the case, so you definitely need somewhere to store it all! There can be nothing worse than thinking you have stored your wine safely, to actually find they’ve smashed or ruined. To help, here are the top three tips for storing wine.

Keep The Room Dark

Wine is a sensitive soul. Light sensitive. When exposed to the light for too long the chemical makeup of the wine can change and not in a good way. While artificial light may agitate the compounds in the wine, direct sunlight or UV exposure can cause the smell to morph into something out of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ home.

The taste is sure to follow, as well. From fine wine to just plain old rotten fruit, if direct sunlight illuminates the room, it could take your perfection of taste and turn into a three-year-old’s attempt at kool-aid. Placing your wine in tinted bottles offer little protection, too. The glass may be darker, but the light still sneaks in. Keep your wine cellar dark.

Keep Them Lazy

There are some very nice wine cellars in the world. They are always well kept, and very neat and in order. Have you ever noticed while walking through and viewing each wine rack that each individual bottle is laying down on the job? Now we’ve heard of some lazy drinks in our day, but that’s ridiculous!

So, why does it seem to be that every bottle of wine on the planet prefers to recline while it ages? Keeping the bottle horizontal allows the wine to constantly be in contact with the cork. This keeps the cork from drying out. If the cork dries out, it shrinks and allows air to invade the bottle. The effect the unwanted air has on the wine is sure to make even the gods snub their nose at it.

Keep Them Cool

Stepping into the shoes of a wine connoisseur can be overwhelming. That’s understandable. Nobody starts out being a complete expert on ‘all things wine’. One of the most important details in aging wine properly is to keep a consistent temperature. Not only must you keep it consistent but you need to keep it a little on the cooler side. Having your cellar around 55 degrees is about perfect. What most people don’t understand is that part of the aging process requires the wine to “cook” a little.

However, if you do this too quickly, the wine ages so fast that you pass up the point of perfectly aged for something as awful as a hot beer or an extremely flat Coke. On the other hand, if you allow things to chill out too much, the cork will dry out and the unwanted air is making itself at home again.

To learn about cooling wine cellars or installing air conditioning parts jacksonville or other places might have many companies with professionals who can give you the information. They might even be able to help set up the cooling systems in the cellar before you get to work on building your wine collection!

There are several benefits to a well taken care of wine. Use the tips above to get you started.


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