Sources of Protein

Protein is a major class of food that is required for the body. It helps the body to repair itself from injuries and fatigue. Protein is also required for making chemicals in the body including hormones and enzymes. It is also vital in the building of blood, skin, cartilage, muscles, and bones. Thus, without adequate protein in the body, your wounds will find it difficult healing, leaving a higher chance of infection and more issues.  It also means that you could have shortages of important chemicals such as hormones and enzymes that the body requires to function properly. There are various sources from which you can get protein as discussed subsequently.

Animal Protein
One of the most important sources of protein from the body is from animals. Animal meat and products from a lot of animals have a lot of protein. Examples of such products include meat and milk. Protein is the major reason why a lot of people and companies are in livestock farming. They rear animals for their meat and its products. These are subsequently sold for consumption. The rich protein from animals has contributed significantly to meeting the protein needs of man and helping to keep them alive and active. Animal protein easily contributes to more than 70 percent of proteins that are consumed all over the world. The most popular animals we get animal protein from include turkey and chicken (meat and eggs) as well as goat, sheep, cow, and pigs (meat and milk). There are, however, a lot of people who do not eat some or all of animal protein. These people are known as vegetarians. Some vegetarians do not eat meat but eat products such as eggs and milk, while there are stricter vegetarians that eat neither animal nor its products. This type of vegetarians gets all their protein needs from plants.

Plant Protein
Plant protein is another very important source of protein. The plants that mostly serve as a source of protein for humans include beans, soya beans, and cowpeas among others. This type of protein requires planting the seeds for the plants. With properly cultivation, the product can be harvested when they are ripe. The products can be processed in different ways including cooking and processing it to soya beans milk and other products. People can subsequently consume the product and get the plant protein from it. It serves as the only source of protein that vegetarians re comfortable with eating.

Supplements are another popular source of protein. In some cases, it might be difficult getting enough protein required for your body from just eating animal protein and plant protein. This is more so for vegetarians that have issues with animal protein. Thus, when you can’t reach the required daily quantity of protein for your body, you can take protein supplements to complete it. This could be because your meals do not contain enough protein to reach the normal quantity expected for people of your age or you engage in strenuous tasks, exercises, and workouts that means your body needs more protein than normal to recover. You can read about supplements such as reviews about supplements from myprotein to know if you can use a particular supplement as a vegetarian or not.


Written by Phillipa

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