Good food is my passion. I’ve spent my whole life learning about what cooks well together, what is good for the body and how food can be a defining factor in a person’s health and happiness. I’m Philippa and this is my story.

I am a mother to two wonderful twins, they are my shining beacons, offering me everything I could ever want in life and giving me eternal happiness. I would hate for anything bad to happen to them, I’m sure all parents feel the same way about their children, and yet processed foods, fatty snacks and sugary drinks are still a staple in most people’s homes.

I spent my whole life at a publishing company, working long hours and rushing around. With my husband often on tour with the Navy, it fell to me to make sure our kids were looked after and well fed. Even with the stress of a full-time job and three young children, providing healthy, fulfilling food came naturally to me – and Alec certainly loved them when he was home from sea!

At the publishing company (not to be named!), we seemed to have a niche for celebrity cookbooks and meal planning novels. I’d spend hours poring over the newest cooking books, indulging in these men and women’s lives (and recipes!). I find it so inspirational how they could dedicate their lives to exploring new tastes and dishes, and coming up with the best ways to make these meals nutritional and good for the whole family.

These books are just one of the reasons that I turned my whole kitchen prerogative around and decided to take a real interest in what it is that I was putting into my and my family’s mouths. This blog is a way for me to collect together all my fabulous recipes and all the funny stories that go along with them. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll be inspiring others with my own cookbook!

For now, I’m a full-time mummy that puts her heart and soul into the food that she makes, ensuring only the best is given to my family.

This blog is here to help you do the same, healthy food and good nutrition doesn’t have to be hard or dull. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Read my blog or keep up to date with the latest recipes to find something amazing to cook for your family tonight!

See the books that inspire me by visiting my cookbooks page, or see my must try recipes for my staple meals. I always keep my blogs updated with family life and recipes we’ve tried, so make sure you subscribe to see all the latest wonderful dishes we’ve eaten.