Mango Lassi

You may have heard of a mango lassi before, they are popular in Indian restaurants and in India itself. Generally made to help cool the tongues of spicy curry eaters, this is the perfect summer drink if you’re getting hot and bothered out in the garden watching the kids play in their paddling pool. I usually make a massive batch of this to take out into the garden as you can guarantee that you won’t be able to stop at just one glass of this stuff.

It’s fruity, creamy and cold and Moorish. Luckily, this simplified recipe isn’t the most unhealthy, so you’re guilt free when you’re drinking it and I know that feeding my kids bad stuff when they gulp down glass after glass. My youngest calls this the ‘mango messy’ and that, like many other of my stories involving blenders, is because of an unfortunate incident with a missing blender lid. Just to warn you, a plate, bowl, wrong sized lid, does not work as well at keeping the mixture in the blender. This is a tasty and simple recipe, just not when it’s dripping from the ceiling. Smells good though.

I’ve downsized this recipe just in case you don’t want a big batch, this should make two glasses.

You’ll need:

1 mango

2 big scoops of mango sorbet

150g carton of natural yogurt

a little bit of milk

(you can also add mint and pistachios if you’re feeling extra fancy but we generally don’t bother because we go through the glasses so quick and I make such a big batch)

Step one:

Now there’s only one step to this, and I think both you and I know exactly what that is.

In a blender ( remember the lid) blend the chopped mango, sorbet and yoghurt. If the mixture is a little too thick, thin it with a dash of milk until at the consistency that you like it. We like it a little thinner as it’s easier to drink but it does feel creamier and more luxurious if it is a bit thicker. It’s completely up to your style.

Then that’s it, you’re done. It’s such a quick and simple drink to make and it really is one that you crave in the summer, but you can add different things into the mixture to personalise it. If you want more of a slushy kind of drink, adding a few ice cubes into the blender will give it more of an ice cream/ sorbet style texture. If you’re not bothered about being as healthy, you can also add cream which is traditionally used in mango lassi or a scoop of ice cream if you’re looking for a creamy texture. I promise that if you quadruple up the ingredients to make a massive batch of this and serve it at your next family barbeque then you’ll definitely be in the favourites to hold the next family gathering. Expect a lot of surprised ‘oooh, well that’s good, what’s in it?’ remarks too!



Written by Phillipa

I am a mother to two gorgeous twin girls and wife to a wonderful man who serves our country. I love to cook and am fortunate enough to be able to dedicate my life to my art. A healthy lifestyle is the best lifestyle and I can show you how.

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