How to Meal Prep for An RV Trip

Whether you’re renting an RV or you own an RV, you definitely want to enjoy the benefit of being able to prepare meals on your road trip. Being able to bring food in an RV is one of the biggest advantages of traveling this way.

You can have meals and snacks readily available, which is great if you have kids or don’t want to make a lot of stops along the way. Having food planned out for your RV trip can also help save money. Now, depending on the place you are traveling to, you might get to pack different kinds of food. Especially if you are going out-of-country to an exotic location like Iceland, then tasting the local delicacies should be something to consider. If you read up on the best time of year to visit Iceland, you should also be able to figure out what foods you can try out or prep for during the trip.

So, what should you know about planning a menu and preparing meals during an RV trip? The following are some tips to help you get started.

Types of Meals

Before you get into any specifics, you’re probably going to want to think about the types of meals you want to make. Most experienced RVers say it’s best to go with a mix of meals.

For example, you might want to have some campfire or grill meals, some slow cooker meals, and then maybe some quick meals you can put together in the RV without a lot of cooking.

You want to make sure you have options for cooking inside if the weather is bad, rather than planning everything as outdoor cooking.

Keep Your Recipes Simple

The simpler, the better when it comes to meal planning and prep during an RV trip. You want to try to keep your recipes limited to just a few ingredients, because you’re probably going to buy a lot of your ingredients ahead of time, and you don’t want your RV packed with food. You just don’t have the space for that.

Look for recipes that don’t require a lot of cutting or chopping, and you don’t want tons of spices and other things that you would have to bring along or buy.

It can take some planning, but when you’re planning meals try to find recipes that have similar ingredients to one another, to streamline what you bring or buy.

Do Prep Ahead of Time

For the recipes that are going to require some level of prep, it’s a good idea to do as much ahead of time as you can. For example, you can cut up meat and veggies and put them in Ziploc freezer bags.

You can also measure out bulk dry ingredients, put them in bags and label what recipe they’re for.

Another option if you want to keep things simple is to make some meals and put them in portioned containers. You can then store them in the refrigerator and warm them up when you’re ready to eat.

When you’re buying items like fruits and vegetables, try to buy frozen whenever you can. You can also make certain things like muffins ahead of time, and then freeze them and warm them up when you’re ready to eat.

Finally, when you’re meal planning and prepping for an RV trip, bring your written down plans and recipes with you. Add your meals to a calendar so you can see what you need to do ahead of time, or on that day to make sure your meals are thawed out or you give yourself enough time to make them.


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