Differences Between Crystal and Glass Wine Glasses

There are different types of wine glasses available that vary in size and use. Some are ideal for drinking red wines, while others are perfect for sparkling or white wines. They also vary in the materials from which they are made. The most common materials used for making wine glasses are regular glass and crystal. If you want to purchase wine glasses, then understanding more about these materials will help you in choosing the best option.

Composition of Glass and Crystal

Most of the regular glasses that are made for wine drinking are composed of soda, lime, and silica. These are more commonly known as soda-lime glasses. There are also glasses that are made up of these three components, plus boric acid and various additives, which are called borosilicate glasses.

Crystal glasses are not really made from the typical crystals that most people have in mind like quartz rock. The term came from the word “cristallo”, which was used to refer to crystal glass imitations in the past. This name stuck through the years, and so now the glasses are referred to as crystal glasses. Originally, crystal glasses contained various amounts of lead, but there are now lead-free crystal glasses, including those that can be found in shops like Crystal Décor. Although many crystal glasses contain lead, they are not harmful to the health because of the insignificant amount present in these glasses, and the short duration of time for which the wine is kept in them.

Glass and Crystal – What are the differences?

Aside from their content, there are also various factors that set regular wine glasses and crystal glasses apart, and one of them is the price. Crystal glasses are more expensive than regular glasses because they are known to be luxurious, and they weigh more too. They can also be made thinner compared to regular glasses. Thinner wine glasses are more favorable for some drinks. Both glasses and crystal glasses can easily break, but since crystal glasses are thinner, they are more fragile. Plus, there are more durable glasses like those that are made with boric acid. You should keep crystal glasses secured, especially if there are kids, as you don’t want them to break, especially with their price tag.

Because of the luxurious status of crystal, crystal wine glasses are ideal if you want to impress your guests, making them perfect for special occasions. They are also sparkly as they refract light. Regular glasses would do on casual drinking days. Crystal glasses are porous, so they need to be washed by hand. If you prefer to use a dishwasher, this is a factor to consider. Regular glasses are non-porous so it’s okay to place them in the dishwasher.

Take these factors into consideration when choosing between regular glasses and crystal wine glasses to make the best decision.


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