How To Eat Healthily For Less

The whole world and her husband seem to be suffering from debt at the moment, with many people being forced to turn to food banks for assistance. Many households are therefore struggling to pay for basic essentials that are important to our diets, such as fruit, vegetables and meat. However, there are ways to eat well without impacting on our shopping budget.

Grow Your Own

Do you want to eat fresh food without it costing you an arm and a leg? Of course you do., It is for this reason that you should consider growing your own. Start by tending to a tomato plant, growing fresh herbs in your kitchen or even planting an apple tree. Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive – you just have to be a little industrious.

Stop Throwing Food Away

How many times have you binned a battered banana or thrown a piece of fresh meat away because it was past its sell-by date? Stop! You’re wasting money. All of these items can be frozen if you get to them in time. You can therefore use the meat at a later date or make a delicious smoothie with the frozen fruit.

Browse the Market

Supermarkets are always offering deals on fruit and vegetables. Bag a broccoli bargain at one store and then head to another to grab some cheap apples. There’s no law that you have to shop in the same store every week. Visit different shops to see what healthy deals can be had without breaking the bank. Your wallet or purse will be glad you did!

Buy Big

Instead of buying a couple of cuts of fresh meat, buy a large joint or bird. A bigger cut of meat will ensure there is plenty to go around for the whole family – and you can use the leftovers to throw into some healthy stews, casseroles, curries and soups. To be even more economical, you can even freeze the food for future meals.

Use the Deli

If you, however, feel like you’re wasting money on meat then you can always use a deli over pre-packed meat. By heading to a counter, you can decide exactly how much meat you’ll need for a night or over the course of the week, so you’ll reduce waste and your shopping bill.

Tinned Fruit and Vegetables

Many people often turn their nose up at the thought of tinned fruit and vegetables, despite the fact they’re incredibly tasty and count towards your 5-a-day. They also have a longer shelf-life, so can be eaten today or in a year’s time. They are definitely staple healthy items for every cupboard!

Buy in Season

Fruit and vegetables are always cheaper when they’re in season, so buy ingredients that are available at a lower price. Not only will this help vary your diet, but you will be relieved at the checkout price.

The key to healthy eating for less is to always be on the lookout for a bargain whilst trying to find new ways to cut back on price. It’s that simple!



Written by Phillipa

I am a mother to two gorgeous twin girls and wife to a wonderful man who serves our country. I love to cook and am fortunate enough to be able to dedicate my life to my art. A healthy lifestyle is the best lifestyle and I can show you how.