As a cooking enthusiast and a mother who taught me all I need to know, I have grown up with a kitchen stuffed to the rafters with cookbooks and random recipes on strewn bits of old paper.

My mother’s love for cooking certainly had a big impact on my life and my desire to become a chef and so over the years I have been handed down some of the best cookbooks which are centuries old, been gifted new generation cookbooks at Christmases and birthdays and spend hours scouring the web for something new and exciting.

But although the internet is full of fantastic cooks who are willing to share their kitchen secrets, there is nothing like a good old book with significant signs of wear and wear, ripped corners and of course, food splatters all over.

Take a look at my top four cookbooks of all time.

The Nordic Cookbook: Magnus Nilsson

Quite an unusual one but this is a book my mother spent many evenings with her nose inside.

With a focus on traditional Nordic cooking, there are 700 unique recipes which offer a healthy and rich variation to our everyday eating habits here in the UK and I definitely think we can learn something from Magnus.

Each of the 700 recipes has been crafted whilst Magnus was on his travels around Nordic countries such as Finland, Greenland, Denmark and Sweden to name a few ensuring we can enjoy an eclectic selection of dishes.

Recipes Learn

How to be a Domestic Goddess: Nigella Lawson

If you don’t have a Nigella Lawson cookbook or five, are you really a cook?

Nigel is an icon for indulgent cooking and Domestic Goddess is no exception.

This cookbook is perfect for those looking for a little comfort cook, with rich flavours throughout and divine creations to make anyone fall in love with cooking. What’s incredible about Nigella is that she has a real empathy and connection to working women, ensuring not all of her recipes are expensive and time-consuming.

From cakes to Christmas treats, Domestic Goddess encompasses all of lifes moments which require a little treat and a firm favourite on my kitchen shelf.

The Flavour Bible

Released in 2008, the Flavour Bible is a relatively new cookbook which has managed to capture the taste buds and creativity of many chefs and home cooks.

The Flavour Bible is perfect if you’re looking for ideas and inspiration for seasonal menus, offering an eclectic selection of fine and a little unusual dishes. Although this book is one of my favourites, it is American which means classic British dishes are few and far between.

However, if you’re looking for something new and in need of some inspiration – then The Flavour Bible is the one for you.

Flavour Bible

The Kitchen Diaries: Nigel Slater

Classic cooking from an award-winning food writer, The Kitchen Diaries is a cookbook which has been on my shelf since its first release in 2005. My mother was always a big Nigel Slater fan and so it is only natural that her love for this chef has been transcended down to me.

The Kitchen Diaries is full of food and inspiration which I would cook at home and this is perfect for everyday mothers and families who don’t want too much fuss.

Nigel perfect captures the needs of the everyday people and it’s refreshing to enjoy and cook dishes without the fuss and pretence.