5 Different Ways To Make Coffee At Home

For those who enjoy the taste of a fresh-brewed cup of coffee, it is time to educate. Too many people settle for the convenience of Starbucks over taking the time to create a smooth home brew.

Don’t let the art of crafting an individual brew to taste die out with our generation, and take the time to learn a little more about the different ways you can make coffee at home. Yes, this might need you to make a few necessary purchases related to the brewing processes such as buying a coffee maker, the Best Coffee Scale (it is a device used to measure the weight of coffee and water during the brewing process), and of course, top-quality beans. But do not let these expenses make you feel demotivated. These are investments that can ensure you brew the best possible caffeinated drink at your house. If you look at the big picture, these investments are more affordable than a cup of Starbucks coffee at regular intervals.

If you already have these, then you can check out this brief overview of five unconventional ways to make your morning cup of joe, and start experimenting. Once you’ve checked it out, start to search for a coffee machine that will help you brew the perfect coffee; Iron and Fire may be a good starting point!

French Press

The French Press is easily one of the most popular methods of making a personal cup of coffee. The method is not super complicated, and the brewing process is fairly short. Invented in 1929, the French Press is said to be one of the best methods of brewing for extracting the most flavor from the coffee grounds.

The grounds are slowly steeped and strained with the special French Press pot. The grounds go into a compartment, which is equipped with a paper filter, at the bottom of the press. Check out this video for a more detailed explanation of the process.

Chemex Pour Over

Chemex is a pour over device created in the 1940s that uses a special paper filter. The filter is 20-30 percent thicker than other conventional filters, which is said to be a key contributing factor to a more smooth and pure flavored coffee.

The Chemex glass pots are also beautifully designed, and will make a great addition to the decorative aspect of your kitchen. The thicker paper used creates a non-acid brew in just about four minutes. Check it out.

Vacuum Pot

Vacuum Pots have a super cool aesthetic quality, as they almost look like some sort of weird science project. Vacuum pots brew coffee through a siphoning method, and was invented in the mid 19th century.

You need a butane burner to use a vacuum pot, and it will take you close to ten minutes to make a pot of coffee. The benefit is that you’ll never have a more delicious cup of brew. Check out this video for more insight into the vacuum pot method of brewing coffee at home.


AeroPress is one of the simplest ways to make a cup of coffee. It is so uncomplicated that you can take your AeroPress with you camping, and support your caffeine addiction in the wild.

Similar to the brewing methods of the French Press, the AeroPress has a mechanism that the user pushes down to slowly filter the grounds from the coffee after the brewing is complete.

Stovetop Moka Pot

The Moka Pot takes a seasoned home brewer to get a perfect cup, as it can often go “bitterly” wrong. Take the time to absorb the info in this tutorial video before trying this method at home.


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