4 Simple Changes For a Healthier Diet

Many people know that they would like to have a healthier diet or can see room for improvement in their daily eating habits, however, they just aren’t sure they are ready to put in the work.  When they look at the big picture it can feel overwhelming to imagine how they are going to be able to make the changes necessary in order to make a lasting effect.

However, making positive changes to your diet doesn’t have to mean that you have to engage in enormous sweeping changes to your lifestyle. 

Sometimes all it takes is a few small adjustments which are relatively easy to introduce to your lifestyle.  Here are some of the most effective ways to immediately make changes to your diet which will make it a healthier one.

Cut Out Alcohol

Drinking too much alcohol doesn’t only have a negative effect on your body’s overall composition, but it can start to quickly add weight to your body.

Since alcohol doesn’t have any redeeming nutritional qualities to it, it goes straight into your body as a carb and sugar.  An average alcoholic beverage has about 200 calories per serving.  When you start to add up multiple drinks throughout your week this can add as many as thousands extra to your diet.  

Therefore, cutting this out of your diet completely will not only make you feel better but you will immediately see a difference in the way your pants fit.

Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Introducing more fruits and vegetables to your diet will have an immediate positive influence on your overall health.

Fruits and vegetables have lots of fiber which will aid in ridding your body of excess toxins.  They are also full of micronutrients which help you fight off disease or illness.  

Try to eat at least one raw fruit or vegetable with every meal.  This small change will have big effects on the big picture.

Pack Your Lunches

Each time that you eat at a restaurant or somewhere which isn’t cooked at home, you are eating an average of at least 300 more calories than you would be had you made your meal at home.  

Rather than indulging every day by eating out at work, why not pack a lunch for yourself.  You won’t only consume fewer calories, but you will ultimately save money.

Limit Sugar

Many people are conditioned to eating something sweet at the end of every meal.  This leads to extra calories added up throughout the day.

Another culprit of extra calories consumed from sugar is drinking sweet drinks like juice or soda.  Try to limit yourself to a fraction of what you normally consume.  After a while, you can work your way toward eliminating it completely if you really want to take your diet health to the next level.


Written by Phillipa

I am a mother to two gorgeous twin girls and wife to a wonderful man who serves our country. I love to cook and am fortunate enough to be able to dedicate my life to my art. A healthy lifestyle is the best lifestyle and I can show you how.

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