4 Reasons Crystal Wine Glasses Are Worth the Cost

When we speak about crystal wine glasses, we’re actually speaking about lead glass, not pure crystal. By introducing lead into the crafting process, what we call crystal wine glasses are formed. They carry an unrivalled reputation for luxury, and they tend to be significantly more expensive than vessels made from glass. But that shouldn’t put you off – here are just four reasons why crystal wine glasses are more than worth the cost.

  1. Spun Thin

The central benefit of crystal wine glasses is that they can be made extremely thin. This ensures a very thin rim, which is ideal when you’re sipping wine and trying to bring out all its flavours. Glass cannot be made so thin without becoming impossibly delicate – when a wine glass has a thicker rim, you can tell it’s made of glass instead of crystal.

  1. Refracts Light

If you hold a crystal wine glass and a glass wine glass up to the light at the same time, you’ll notice that the crystal glass catches the light and creates a rainbow. This is because crystal refracts light, capturing it in a prism to create that characteristic beauty. It doesn’t affect the taste of your wine, but it makes the entire experience feel more luxurious.

  1. Showcases Your Wine

You’ve probably noticed that glass wine glasses, even when they’re kept clean, tend to become cloudy, especially when held up against the light. In contrast, crystal glasses deliver exceptional clarity – it’s for just this reason that makers of chandeliers, stemware, and jewellery value crystal so highly. Wine lovers enjoy that clarity because it allows superior appreciation of the colour and viscosity of their chosen vintage. So, if you are having a fine Sauvignon Blanc, you would not want its beauty to be concealed behind the cloudiness of glass, would you? Instead, you can flaunt its colour with a good crystal glass accompanied by some seafood and some light music.

  1. Offers Upscale Drinking

Finally, the cost of crystal wine glasses can be justified simply because they create a more upscale drinking experience. If you want to impress your friends or host elegant dinner parties, nothing is going to make a more striking impression than serving wine in crystal wine glasses.


Written by Phillipa

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